Shredding Chicken {Why Didn’t I Think of That?}

You know there are just some things, no matter how much you love being in the kitchen, that are just dreadful to do. For me, its shredding chicken. It’s just such a boring, monotonous process, even though it does only take maybe 4 minutes.

This though…this takes 4 seconds.

Did y’all know you could do this? I had no idea. Back during our bakeathon in Dec., we made bbq chicken pizza for dinner, and Jenn told me about this little tip. I don’t have a recipe to share with it at the moment, but we all know shredded chicken can be put in just about anything.

To quickly and cleanly shred chicken, put it (cooked) in to your mixer. This is just poached chicken, so it’s kinda ugly looking…sorry.

Shredded Ck 1

Turn your mixer on. Obviously.

Shredded Ck 2

And you’ll get this:

Shredded Ck 3

I gasped. Utter genius.

Am I overdoing this? Seriously though, I know there has to be other people who will find this amazing. I read, a lot. About food, cooking, the newest tips, tricks, recipes, and gadgets. And I’ve never come across this before. So yea, despite the in your face obviousness, I hope you enjoy this quick tip!



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